Hi! I’m Shlomo Zalman Bregman — Founder and CEO of Bregman Success LLC.

Some of you know me as a motivational speaker, peak performance and business consultant, author, lawyer, relationship coach, rabbi, and radio personality.

Others simply like to call me, “a professional developer of human potential.”

At my core, I’m obsessed with adding value to people’s lives, and seeing them happy, fulfilled, and enjoying the success they’ve always craved.

You have the gift of greatness inside of you, and I’m just here to activate it!



If you think you’re currently missing deals, and leaving business on the table, I can help you!


Personal Coaching Session

Come learn with us live!  If you’re ready to change your life, I can help!



Like the proverbial child in a candy shop, indulge your senses in our wide array of audio, video and books for sale.

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